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This area helps teachers and students to explore the whole packaging supply chain

Australia has been recycling since the 1800’s yet we still have waste issues. What else can be done? Whose responsibility is it? The government? Industry? Or Consumers? Or everybody?

What will our world look like in the future when we have even more people living on their own, a growing elderly population, more self service and internet shopping?

Will we do away with packaging altogether and end up with wasted products in landfill that have been damaged or gone ‘off’ before they could be used?

Will we have more packaging? What will that packaging look like? Feel like – and perhaps even taste like?

This website and available printed resources provides information and activities to help you explore packaging issues – from sustainability right through to marketing ethics.

It is a challenge for everyone. We are an innovative and creative country – we can make a difference – if we delve a little further!

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