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The Pack pack

This comprehensive new resource, developed by the Curriculum Corporation, fills the gap in many curriculum areas. Packed with Maths, English, Science, Art and Design activities all aligned to the Victorian VELS Level 4 curriculum, this resource is a must for all teachers who want to broaden their students understanding of the modern world.

The kit includes information on how to incorporate the activities into Values and Sustainability education studies.

Topics covered in the resource include:

  1. History of Packaging
  2. From field to supermarket - food protection and shelf life
  3. Recycling - responsibility of public, industry and government
  4. Tops and Caps - storage and safety
  5. What is it made of? - Manufacturing process and environmental responsibilities of companies
  6. Modified Atmosphere Packaging - what is it, how does it work?
  7. Getting it made - people and departments who produce packages and the contribution to the economy, employment and innovation
  8. Can't eat, Can't drink but its packaging - packaging is used for items other than food
  9. What's in a school bag? - the role of packaging, to protect, preserve, contain and inform
  10. Veterinary Hospital - Health and safety and pharmaceuticals
  11. Takeaway Foods - issues involved in a food hall including how ingredients are brought in, their origins, the types of packaging used and the demographics of convenience foods eg ageing society, single house-hold dwellers
  12. Milk - follows milk from the farm to dairy and then to all the different types of products looking at the different solutions required for packaging

Also included are activities to stimulate the creative mind

Examinations of great innovations in packaging history and from award winning Australians.

Challenges for students to tackle the same award winning design challenges.

Teachers, have you ordered your copy yet?

Teachers will find an Inquiry based resource that will stimulate minds and cover multiple areas of the curriculum that could keep a class busy for a whole term or it could be used to examine only sections of the packaging story embedded in other topics.

At $55 plus $10 postage & handling, it provides excellent value for money.

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