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The PCA prepares and commissions reports, publications and submissions to
Government inquiries on major issues affecting the entire packaging supply chain.

Submissions & Publications

PCA Submission to NSW Govt December 2016

Our submission to the NSW Govt. on the draft regulations surrounding the implementation and operation of the proposedContainer Deposit legislation introduction in July 2017.


PCA Submission to FSANZ:
December 2014Proposal P1034 - Chemical Migration from Packaging into Food
Download (147 kB)

Packaging - Issues and Puzzles: September 2014
Home Economics Victoria
Download (1701 kB)

A New Packaging Industry Association: July 2012
Representing All Sectors
Download (461 kB)

Aerosol Association of Australia Sustainability Workshop Presentation: June 2012
Packaging and Sustainability "Going off the Boil? - The Issues.
Download (1064 kB)

PCA Response to the PICRIS: March 2012
Packaging Impacts Consultation Impacts Regulation Impact Statement
Download (214 kB)

LATMA Conference – Gavin Williams Presentation: March 2011
Sustainability, Covenants, Deposits, Carbon & More
A packaging perspective or what labellers need to know.
Download (545 kB

Australian Packaging - Real Examples of Change & Innovation: 2010
Fourth Edition
Download (1888 kB)

Annual Review of Regulatory Burdens on Business: March 2009
Submission to the Productivity Commission Review of Regulatory
Download (254 kB)

Australian Packaging - Real Examples of Change & Innovation: 2009
Third Edition
Download (1977 kB)

Emissions Trading and the Packaging Industry: November 2008
Report by: The Allen Consulting Group
Download (913 kB)

Status of Packaging Sustainability in Australia: July 2008
Prepared for Packaging Council of Australia by MS2 & Perchards
Download (1851 kB)

Australian Packaging - Real Examples of Change & Innovation: 2008
Second Edition
Download (1139 kB)

Australian Packaging - Real Examples of Change & Innovation: 2007
First Edition
Download (2349 kB)

Towards Sustainable Packaging: May 2007
Statement Approved by PCA Board
Download (193 kB)

PCA Submission to the Productivity Commission: February 2006
Waste Generation and Resource Efficiency Inquiry
Download (239 kB)

Government Reports & Statements

A number of recent Government reports and statements focussing on climate change, sustainability and the outcomes of Meetings of Environment Ministers are listed.

PFOS: March 2011
PFOS and the Stockholm Convention

Download (549 kB)

21st Meeting of EPHC Communiqué: 5 July, 2010
More progress on key environmental issues
Download (117 kB)

Food Labelling Guide: June 2009
ACCC Publication
Download (273 kB)

17th Meeting: November 2008
EPHC Communique
Download (102 kB)

Garnaut Climate Change Review: September 2008
Supplementary Draft Report
Download (97 kB)

Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper: July 2008
Download (808 kB)

Full Report
Download (3027 kB)

Garnaut Climate Change Review Draft Report: 2008
Download (546 kB)

Full Report
Download (430 kB)

Issues Papers

Selected Reports on packaging from the PCA and other countries and regional organisations.

If you would like a copy of any of the below that are not linked , please contact us

Issue No Title
18 Australian Packaging - Issues and Trends
17 Digitisation In Printing - Implications for Packaging
16 Single, Active, Post-Materialistic, and Grey
15 The Internet - What It Means For Australian Packaging
14 Packaging - Its Essential Role
13 Packaging - Ten Trends For The Next Ten Years
12 Eco-Labelling
11 Mandatory Minimum Recycled Content
10 The Packaging Council of Australia
09 Australian Packaging - How Competitive?
08 Recycling
07 Excessive Packaging
06 Mandatory Deposits
05 Litter
04 Waste Management
03 Managing Packaging Waste in Europe - Lessons for Australia
02 Life Cycle Analysis
01 Combustion with Energy Recovery

Please contact the PCA if you would like a copy of any of the Issues Papers.

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